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Saturday, 18 June 2011

How to make money online for people in india

Everyone wants to make extra money easily with out much trouble. So I have a lot of ideas about Online work. This one is for people in India. Its a website where people just have to register and read emails on a daily basis That's it. It only takes about 15 minutes of your time and can earn you about Rs. 600 per month.
Now you may feel the money is too less, Even I felt it was less initially but what i did was I created multiple accounts right now I have 9 active accounts. So 9 accounts X Rs 600 = Rs 5400 a month. And you just have to spend 1 hour daily.
  • How Do They Pay us?
They pay us through cheque and courier them to your address so please make sure that your address is correct and the name should be correct and have a bank account.
  • What Do We Have To Do?
We need to log in to the website each member will have an account. Once inside your account you have to check your inbox and open the email and click on the advertising link. So that's it my friends its that easy.
  • How Do I Register?
The sites name is PaisaLive and you can click on the link below to register. When you register your account will be immediately credited with a sum of Rs. 99.

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