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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Best Ways To Make Money Online Working From Your Home

People love to make money and of course they enjoy spending it. For people with high profile jobs and rich dads, money has never been an issue. But on the other side we have people struggling to make money and people without jobs etc. So this post is dedicated to everyone who wants to make money.
Today I would like to share some of the best ways to make money online. These are some of the proven methods and are tried and tested by me, so feel free to try them.
Alright so lets begin.
You might be wondering how you can money with the iPhone and Android mobile boom. Yes you can make money friends, but it involves a little amount of hard work from your end.
All you need is and idea for a cool app to begin with. I hope you are aware people today by costly mobiles just to play with some crazy apps. So why not create an app and make money out of it. You don't have to have 100 or 200 apps all you need is 1 awesome app that will create a storm.
Big deal so what if you don't know programming there a lot of programmers online who will do the work for you, yes you would have to pay them some money, but trust me once the app is ready you will recover what you invested pretty fast.

You have to try this and it works. All you have to do is make some useful e-books about informative content it can be about any topic and sell it in sites like amazon, e-bay and many other sites. We get software online that helps you to make e-books very easily.
I love these site as it has a wide variety of jobs and its available 24X7. So if you have lots of time to spare, well you might wanna try sites like Micro workers, Fiverr, Short Task, o-desk. Fiverr is a cool site where you can make $5 for simple tasks like setting up a Facebook profile. Micro workers and Short Task are almost similar sites here you have individual jobs starting from 1 cents and goes up to $15. O-Desk is a site where you get paid for the hours of work, you have wide variety of jobs here like Web Development, Writing and translation, Data Entry and many more. But I would also like to add that O-Desk is actually for people who work full time in the internet. 

REVVER is a video sharing website like YouTube but the only difference is that you actually get paid for your content. All you have to do is post your videos in this website and you get paid based on the number of views the page generates. So make sure that you upload useful and original content.

This site allows you to set up your own online store where you can design clothing apparel for free. This site takes care of printing your design and also gives you the power to decide your profit margin. Well you do have to market your url page so that people visit your store. Before you start the marketing please design some shirts. You can either you your own custom designs or use designs provided by Cafe Press.
If you love taking surveys its the most easiest thing to do. You can try Survey Heads, Survey Savvy, Opinion Place, Harris Poll. But the amount of surveys you get per week is very less. So you might have to have accounts with different survey sites. Please be aware of scams a reputed survey site never ask you money to join them. Also do your own research before you register into a survey site.
Getting paid to read emails is a great way to make some extra cash. I mean you won’t make enough to call it a job, but you will make a couple of hundred dollars a month depending on how much time and effort your willing to put into it. Which in this though times an extra couple of hundred dollars a month is very helpful.
So try these sites Uniqpaid, cash4offers, FusionCash, Unique Rewards, SnapDollars, Snap Rewards, CashCrate,

Making money online is not easy. You need a lot patience and if you find any site advertising "Make $1000 pm easily" yes those are definitely scams. So don't fall for such scams.
I hope you make use of this article and make money I will continue to share more interesting ideas so make sure you follow me so that you are notified about the article. I you feel that the article was useful please vote for me. Thanks again, have a great day.

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