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Monday, 20 June 2011

Useful Christian Online Sites And Apps

People can explore the BIBLE in a innovative way thanks to technology and the internet. Some sincere Christian website are doing their best to get the word of God to touch many lives.

BIBLE.IS is a very useful website which has got the entire Bible in text as well as audio format. The best part is that they also have Bible Apps for Iphone, Ipad and for Android devices. app is also available for Google Chrome Browser and works very nicely. So make good use of this service and get closer to God. is another Christian website which offer a lot of christian material and they provide free Christian radio. They have an App called CBN Radio iPhone App.

The CBN Radio iPhone and iPod Touch app gives you access to some of today's best Christian music and is available for free through the Apple iTunes store.

I hope these information will be useful to many and I will share many other sites in future. If you have other Christian websites that you are aware of please feel free to share it with us. Thank you again for visiting my page.

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