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Friday, 12 October 2012

GameBoy Color Emulator for BlackBerry PlayBook [Installation Guide]

Special thanks to Jtokarchuk for porting this emulator.

I'll try and help you install this GBC emulator by breaking down the whole process into simple steps. For a better understanding of the process please watch the video before installing the app.

Download the GBColor bar file and sideload it.
New to sideloading! then check out this video PlayBook Bar Sideloading Tutorial

Launch the app, it would probably crash when you launch it. Don't worry about it.
Next we would need download some GBC Roms, try this website

The downloaded rom will be in a zip file so use winzip or winrar to extract the files.
This is how the extracted game file will look like  Kirby's Dream

Connect your playbook to a PC, goto "misc" folder and create a new folder and name it "gbcolor-pb".
Now open "gbcolor-pb" folder and create another folder and name it "roms"

**Note** You can also use Playbook Apps like Airbrowser, filebrowser etc to extract zip file & create the folders.

Drop all the game files to the "roms" folder and then launch the emulator.

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