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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Hockey! for BlackBerry PlayBook

Hockey! is a completely new take at Air Hockey
Collect power-ups to slow the puck down, widen the opponent's goal post, 
erect a wall, and many more. 
Also includes two other game modes - Rampage, and Survival. 

Wreck the AI's goalpost in the time you have in the Rampage mode. 
With every goal, you are awarded extra time so that you can score even more! 
Or play the Survival mode, where you try to survive for as long as possible. 
Keep the game going fast, and you're awarded with an extra life. 
Try to beat the global high-score that is shown at the end of Survival/Rampage mode.

You can play Hockey! with a friend or with the AI.

Other Features:
# Great Visuals
# Tough to beat AI
# Includes free standard version of Air Hockey
# Purchasable Themes

*Note: This version includes a 3-day trial of the Arcade mode(Power-ups, Survival, Rampage)-not counting the days when you don't open the game, on the expiry of which, an in-app purchase must be made in order to unlock it. 
The Classic mode, however, is free for an indefinite period, both one player and two player modes.

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