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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Best Affordable Tablet PC Closest To An iPad

Tablets have become very popular in the last one year and lot of new companies launch a new tablet every week. The market is filled with lots of products, so to help you I will review the best tablets of 2011. Yes friends your search for your first tablet ends here. So get ready to know more about the world of tablets.

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Let us start with
Binatone HomeSurf 7
Its the cheapest tablet in my list and it provides good value for your money. The features offered by this tablet are a bit on the lower side, I recommend this tablet for an average user, who just uses tablets to surf the internet and check emails.
The tablet run's on Google's Android operating system version 1.6, this allows you the access a lot of applications from the android market.
The tablet has an 8" touch screen, built in mic and speakers, Wi-fi, YouTube, Internet radio, 2GB internal storage, and has a decent battery backup of 4 hours.
You might also want to check Binatone HomeSurf 8 which is the latest version from the company and is slightly costly.


E-Pad is another tablet in a similar price range, in fact this tablet is even cheaper than Home Surf 7. The features offered are similar to the Home Surf, but Wespro E-Pad can play DivX/XVID standard video format.

E-Pad comes with 7" touch screen and runs on Google Android 1.9 OS. It has built in Wi-fi. It comes with an internal memory of 2GB and is expandable to 32GB. It supports websites like MSN, Skype, Yahoo messenger, YouTube, etc. The device is very light and weighs just 400 grams.


Trendy Archos 7
The ARCHOS 7 is another low priced tablet that runs on Google's Android Platform. It delivers a large screen and a slim design and comes with a kickstand, its a skinny plastic stand that can be pulled from the back of the tablet to prop it up on a table or desk. This feature is very useful while watching movies. Storage wise, the tablet packs 8GB of space which is expandable to 32GB. It supports Wi-Fi and the battery life is really impressive which is close to 7hrs.

Accord @pad

The @Pad
Accord @pad is more like a clone of the iPad with the icons and user interface resembling that of iPad. If fact if you look at the @pad from a distance you might mistake it for an iPad. The @pad comes with a 7" touchscreen and runs on Google's Android 1.7 OS. It has an internal memory of 2GB and is expandable to 16GB. It comes with inbuilt speakers, Wi-fi and 3G.

Coby Kyros MID7024-4G

This another tablet which is priced under $200 and comes with 7" LCD screen and runs on Android 2.2 OS, it comes with 1Ghz high speed processor and 512MB RAM. Coby Kyros offers features like Wi-fi, integrated front facing camera, built in microphones and HDMI output.

I have to say, Coby MID7024 is the best tablet you can get for under $200, for that price tag, it offers really a lot of features and functionality like playing YouTube HD videos, checking emails, internet, MP3 files, HULU, PDF, e-books, powerpoint, ms office and android market.

Other tablets from Coby Kyros
Coby Kyros Mid7024-4G and Coby Kyros Mid8024-4G


The first thing that attracts you when you look at the tablet is the bright and clear 10.1" screen, there are not may Android Tablets that come with such big screen normally they come with a 7" screen. The 10" screen make browsing the internet a wonderful experience just like in the iPad.

The viewing angles are pretty decent, viewing angles are solid at 90 degrees. It supports wide variety of video format like WMV, WMA, MP4, DivX and also supports HD playback (1080p).

The G tablet runs on Android 2.2 OS and it comes with a 1.3 MP front facing camera which enables users to video conference. It also supports Wi-fi internet tethering and comes with a expandable memory up to 32GB. It also has Bluetooth support and delivers a battery life of 8-10 hours.
Overall its a good tablet with a lot of feature and to get all this at a cheap price make this tablet a must buy.

Notion Ink's ADAM

The Adam

Well the brand to look out is Notion Ink's Adam. Adam generated a lot of hype across the world when it was first unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show two years back.
It has a 10" LCD screen which uses a special technology called Pixel Qi to reduce power consumption. Other features on this tablet includes a 3 MP camera that swivels 180 degrees, a super fast 1GHz dual-core processor, Wi-fi and 3G.

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Other Branded Tablets

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