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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Flying a Drone with your iPad or iPhone

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Yes its true flying a drone has never been this easy, thanks to this amazing flying machine called "AR.Drone" and of course thanks to Apple and its products.

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I don't think many have heard about Parrot, well Parrot is a french company which basically makes Bluetooth gear and is the reason why we have this amazing flying rotocopter. AR.Drone is Parrot's best invention so far and trust me its really cool and will make you guys crazy.

AR.Drone is a quadricopter that is piloted using an iPhone, iPod touch or the iPad. AR.Drone was initially designed for the Apple platforms and will be also available on other platforms in the next few months.

When the device is powered up it starts to create its own Wi-fi hotspot to which the iPhone or iPad connects.You can start controlling the Drone using a free iPhone App called Free Flight.

The best feature of AR.Drone is its two cameras. It has one on the front which shows you where your drone is going and another at the bottom to assist you in landing.

Once you're connected to the Drone via Free Flight app, you're immediately shown whatever the front facing camera sees. You can switch to bottom camera with just one click or you could go for a mixture of both.

The Parrot AR.Drone has been designed for both inside and outside use. You can adapt it to any game situation using the two hulls provided. While playing inside the full hull shield protects the Drone from any impacts that may occur. While playing outside the streamlined hull which is aerodynamic give great control to the Drone. Parrot is claiming you can operate the device from 150 feet away and if in any case you're out of the specified range the Drone switches to a autopilot mode and just flies in one place waiting for you to get back in the range and resume flight.

I am sure that you guys are amazed to see such an awesome gadget. If you're a gadget freak and have the latest iPad, iPhone etc you must definitely get the AR.Drone. The real fun is controlling the Drone with the iPhone. It uses the tilt sensors in the iPhone to move forward, back, and side-to-side, and flying the device is so intuitive it only takes a few minutes to put the thing through its paces.

Another major feature is the use of several AR.Drone on a network. Thanks to its own generated Wi-Fi network, Players can create a game party where other players can join and play against each other. The multiplayer game, named AR PURSUIT, makes it possible to have battles between two AR.Drone. To see the multiplayer game in action check out the videos below.

AR.Drone is the best remote controlled device I've ever seen so far. So go ahead get your self one and enjoy the experience.

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