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Friday, 7 September 2012

GeoGenius HD For BlackBerry PlayBook

GeoGenius HD
GeoGenius HD

GeoGenius HD is a country guessing game.
It requires a constant internet connection due to Google Maps.

- you can zoom in around your initial guess and fine-adjust your pin
- in the options menu you can turn country borders on/off

GeoGenius HD offers three different modes:

This is an infinite game where you have to guess random countries.

There are 5 levels. In each level you first have to guess within the continents
and then prove yourself in a global challenge.
It starts off with really easy countries, but gets harder with each level.

You can play with up to 4 players on one PlayBook with three 
different difficulties to choose from.

Speed and accuracy always matters!

It also includes:
   - 200 countries and their flags
   - a beautiful interface
   - sounds

I recommend it highly to everyone who likes geography and to everyone who is
bad at it (that would be me) and always wanted to improve their skills.

Click Here To Get GeoGenius HD from APP World

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